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There are many different types of vehicular injury cases. We have experience with every type.

Motorcycle and moped crashes: These vehicle crashes often often involve the most catastrophic injuries and deaths. They can be very complicated and require experienced litigators to win. We have seen these crashes result in serious broken bones and injuries to the neck and spinal cord.

Pedestrian Injuries: When drivers hit people who are crossing the street or standing on the sidewalk, the consequences are often catastrophic. In this day and age, we see pedestrian accidents typically because of cell phones. Drivers are on their phones either texting or calling. While distracted, they are not attentive and they hit people who are walking on the road. Far too frequently, we see pedestrians hit even when walking through crosswalks and having the right of way.

Cyclist Crashes: Like pedestrians, cyclists hit by motor vehicles are often seriously injured. Additionally, they frequently encounter insurance coverage issues as typical automobile insurance policies do not include underinsured motorist coverage for bicyclists.

Car Accidents: We have handled numerous death claims involving cars of all types and have seen concussions and other brain injuries from even seemingly minor crashes. Whether you can be compensated for these injuries – even the most serious of them – is often a very contentious battle with insurance companies. While even the doctors hired by insurance companies to evaluate claims admit a bulging disc can be caused by minor trauma, the insurance companies often insist on fighting these cases.

If you were injured in any type of crash, you may be entitled to compensation. You may require thousands of dollars in chiropractic care, tens of thousands of dollars in diagnostic testing and surgery, along with missed work and lost the enjoyment of your life. You need to know your rights before you settle with the insurance company. Once you sign a release, you have no recourse when what appeared to be minor whiplash proves to be far more severe on an MRI.

We’re here to help.

We have handled hundreds of vehicle accident cases, can help maximize your recovery for what you lost, and can help ensure that you are protected from suffering you may have in the future.

We understand that all injuries affect your life.  Whether it’s the inability to be as active as you once were, constant pain and suffering, or the inconvenience of continued medical appointments, you deserve to be compensated.  In fact, drivers carry insurance to make sure you are compensated for these very reasons.

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I spoke with this office for consideration with a consumer protection issue. I was able to get the insight I needed to help move forward. Kevin went above and beyond!

Kevin Etzkorn is a highly knowledgeable personal injury attorney that delivers terrific representation. I would happily recommend him and this firm to anyone.

Kevin Etzkorn is an outstanding personal injury attorney with great knowledge of the law.